Stem Cell Treatment For Anti-Aging

Advanced Medical Examination

To achieve the purpose of precision medicine, all routine examinations must be used for selecting and comparing the most suitable treatment plan and medicine for the patients. These examinations include blood test, X-ray, ultrasound, biomedical testing, genetic testing, cell functional testing, screening test, and comparison and analysis from the usable medical database. To make sure a good therapeutic result is our main goal and effert.

Stem Cell Banking

With the advancement of modern biotechnology and molecular technology, global medical care and regenerative medicine are moving towards the era of precision cell therapy and genetic engineering. Using human own cells to anti-aging, repairer damaged tissue, regenerate special cell, treat popular diseases, and fight cancer, etc., We understand that it will officially open a new Era of treating diseases. Our personal human cells are stored when they are young, and can be used as emergencies and treating diseases in the future.


Due to patients’ particular health condition, we must monitor patients’ physical condition, take the blood test, and mental condition before we decide the treatment protocol and the dosage for them.

Disease management and Treatment

The so-called disease-conditioning meal refers to that the body loses its metabolic balance after an illness, and needs to be adjusted according to the lifestyle, as well as through diet and nutrition management. Our goal is to bring the body’s functions back to normal. Also the routine process will gradually stabilize and improve the quality of life.

Generally, diseases that require dietary monitoring include diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high uric acid (gout), kidney disease… and other diseases. In addition to considering the stages of the disease, the diet content that needs to be adjusted varies greatly depending on personal dietary preferences.

Micro plastic surgery

Micro plastic surgery refers to the use of new materials such as hyaluronic acid, botox, Glutathione, and lipolysis material for subcutaneous injections. It does not require surgery and can be looking beautiful and young in a short time. Sometimes It replaces the major plastic surgery. The micro plastic surgery is safe, there is no or less wound, and the recovery period is short. You can have the treatment during the weekend and come out a new beginning with a more beautiful and younger face next monday.